Brady Smith

Brady SmithPosition: 2nd Vice President, Member Educator, Road Chairman, FAAR Chairman, President

Samuel Smart

Samuel SmartPosition: President

Devin Dickerson

Devin DickersonPosition: Vice President, Internal VP

Julian King

Julian KingPosition: Vice President, Internal VP

Cameron Dobson

Cameron DobsonPosition: Recruitment

Philip Neesham

Philip NeeshamPosition: Shelter and Grounds, New Member Education, Recruitment

Tyler South

Tyler SouthPosition: Treasurer

Craig Cox

Craig CoxPosition: Sgt. at Arms, Shelter and Grounds

David Towne

David TownePosition: Director of Academic Affairs, Community Service Chair

Edgar Banegas

Edgar BanegasPosition: Corresponding Secretary

James Ard

James ArdPosition: Secretary

Juan Fernandez

Juan FernandezPosition: Philanthropy Chair, Guide

Matthew Sewell

Matthew SewellPosition: IFC Rep

Zachary Hutson

Zachary HutsonPosition: Director of Risk Management

Franklin Mosca

Franklin MoscaPosition: Assistant Chapter Advisor, New Member Ed Advisor

Stephen Morgan

Stephen MorganPosition: Chapter Advisor

Matthew Peacock

Matthew PeacockPosition: Philanthropy Chair

Wesley Moyar

Wesley MoyarPosition: Social Chair